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Aged Care, Patient Monitoring and Fall Prevention

Our Aged Care Products can add to a person's safety, independence and ability to communicate.

Call Systems and Devices

Our Call Devices allow a person to alert their carer when they need assistance. The Radio Linked Call Buzzer and Call Pager are simple to set up at home or in supported accommodation.

Access to Call Systems

Many Hospital call systems cannot be managed by people with disabilities. Technical Solutions can add alternative access methods to existing call buttons, or fit sensitive electronic replacements.

Technical Solutions offer a range of Hospital Call Interface Adaptors that allow any of our light pressure switches to be used with most hospital and nursing home call systems.

Read more about our access to existing Nurse Call Systems.

Telephones with special features

We have a range of fixed, cordless and mobile telephones with features to assist people with vision, hearing and memory impairments.

Our fordable range SOS Emergency Care Telephones have a number of unique emergency alarm functions. When an alarm is activated, the phone automatically dials family/friend helpers and plays a pre-recorded message.

Patient Monitoring and Fall Prevention

Technical Solutions supplies a range of monitoring devices that notify carers when a person at risk moves from a bed or chair.

Our Bed Alarms, Door Alarms, Floor Sensors and Movement Sensors can be used as an aid when caring for dementia patients and others who are at risk of falling. The alarm is triggered if the person is mobile, alerting carers who can intervene and assist.

These alerting devices are an aid for patient care and should not be considered as a substitute for adequate quality staffing.